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New Grafter! Meet our latest team member…

We are very excited to announce that we have a new member joining our board as a director of the company for 2020/21. Ellie Harrington is a Leeds-based creative, and one of the artists who helped to design our free activity pack for young people during lockdown. Now they are turning their passion and skillsContinue reading “New Grafter! Meet our latest team member…”


PLAYGROUND: Exploring Armley

When I moved to Armley in 2018, I knew nothing about the area. Over the past two-years I have explored and discovered so much about this amazing place, from its history and industrial heritage, the wealth of individuals who have lived and worked here, and the community I am now proud to be part ofContinue reading “PLAYGROUND: Exploring Armley”

PLAYGROUND: Exploring Armley

In response to the current social distancing measures in place, Grafter James has been working on bring an exciting new project to their community in Armley, West Leeds. With venues, museums and galleries closed across the nation, James has been looking at ways to bring entertaining and interesting events to communities in public spaces. “AlthoughContinue reading “PLAYGROUND: Exploring Armley”