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PLAYGROUND: Exploring Armley Further!

With the success of our first PLAYGROUND throughout lockdown, we here at Graft are excited to announce we are expanding the project further! Leeds Inspired have awarded us a grant of £1,200 to develop a website for all things Armley, a hub where you can explore local heritage, stories and opportunities to connect with ourContinue reading “PLAYGROUND: Exploring Armley Further!”


PLAYGROUND: Exploring Armley

When I moved to Armley in 2018, I knew nothing about the area. Over the past two-years I have explored and discovered so much about this amazing place, from its history and industrial heritage, the wealth of individuals who have lived and worked here, and the community I am now proud to be part ofContinue reading “PLAYGROUND: Exploring Armley”

PLAYGROUND: Exploring Armley

In response to the current social distancing measures in place, Grafter James has been working on bring an exciting new project to their community in Armley, West Leeds. With venues, museums and galleries closed across the nation, James has been looking at ways to bring entertaining and interesting events to communities in public spaces. “AlthoughContinue reading “PLAYGROUND: Exploring Armley”

PLAYGROUND: A new and unusual exhibition space for Leeds’ Communities.

As part of their MA Curation Practice course at Leeds Arts University, James, Director here at Graft, has been looking into ways of opening up curated exhibitions through community engagement. Playground is a travelling interdisciplinary exhibition space, aimed at tackling important social issues by connecting emerging artists, performers, writers and creatives of all backgrounds withContinue reading “PLAYGROUND: A new and unusual exhibition space for Leeds’ Communities.”

ENDED: Holbeck Community Project 2019/20: Exploring Social Issues through Arts Engagement

Holbeck has gained regional and national attention since 2014 when a pilot scheme designated the area as the U.K’s first decriminalised/managed zone for prostitution. Whilst Journalism and Social Media has focused entirely on this devise and emotive topic, few have engaged with the community that call Holbeck their home. Graft Collaborative CIC is driven toContinue reading “ENDED: Holbeck Community Project 2019/20: Exploring Social Issues through Arts Engagement”

Insert Here 2019/20: A Digital Archive and Online Gallery Space for emerging artists in Leeds, U.K.

Insert Here is a digital archive and online gallery space for emerging artists in Leeds. Across all creative disciplines, artists will have the opportunity to insert their creative practice into the archive establishing a living document of the talent within the city. From this archive, a selection of artists will be displayed on the ‘Gallery’Continue reading “Insert Here 2019/20: A Digital Archive and Online Gallery Space for emerging artists in Leeds, U.K.”

Meet the Grafters: The Board of Directors 2019/20

Graft Collaborative is a non-profit Community Interest Company established to support emerging creative practitioners from a range of artistic and performative disciplines through the development of engaging projects involving Leeds-based communities to highlight and engage residents with important social issues. This will be achieved by creating and developing opportunities for communities to engage and participate inContinue reading “Meet the Grafters: The Board of Directors 2019/20”