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ENDED: Holbeck Community Project 2019/20: Exploring Social Issues through Arts Engagement

Holbeck has gained regional and national attention since 2014 when a pilot scheme designated the area as the U.K’s first decriminalised/managed zone for prostitution. Whilst Journalism and Social Media has focused entirely on this devise and emotive topic, few have engaged with the community that call Holbeck their home.

Graft Collaborative CIC is driven to improve access to arts and culture in Leeds. Our aim is to connect emerging creatives with local communities to develop engaging and entertaining opportunities to share stories and express opinions, thoughts and identities. If we all collaborate and graft together, we can make a real and significant difference in our communities, and our lives.

Over the next year, Artistic Director for Graft 2019/20, Liam Robbins, and Associate Director for Graft 2019/20, Beccie Allen, will be interviewing members of the community, residents and workers, as well as businesses, organisations and charities, to collect their experiences, memories and opinions on Holbeck, the issues the community face and what could be done to ensure a brighter, safer and happier future for all.

These interviews will be used to create a new verbatim performative work that will premiere in Holbeck before a regional tour. We hope that this will allow the voice of those most affected by the range of social issues and tensions in the area to be heard, respected and shared with others. Our role is to remain as an impartial facilitator and we are committed to ensure that our own personal views do not interfere with this process.

As well as this performative piece, there will be other planned events across Holbeck and the wider Leeds area, including exhibitions, forums and workshops. If you are an emerging creative practitioner who wishes to get involved, or have an idea for any work you’d like to include in this project, please email us:

To keep up to date with this project, you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram and feel free to contact us.


Published by graftcollaborativecic

Graft Collaborative is a non-profit Community Interest Company established to support emerging creative practitioners from a range of artistic and performative disciplines through the development of engaging projects involving Leeds-based communities to highlight and engage residents with important social issues. This will be achieved by creating and developing opportunities for communities to engage and participate in artistic projects from emerging artistic and performative practitioners.

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