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Grafters Space: Interview with Maddie Fleming

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, we are asking creatives and residents in Armley and the wider West Leeds area to share their experiences and journeys with mental health difficulties. Maddie Fleming is an multifaceted creative, a keen artist and graduate in English and Drama, who has very generously agreed to open up andContinue reading “Grafters Space: Interview with Maddie Fleming”

GRAFTERS SPACE: A New Open Network for Creatives and Communities in Leeds

Hard graft is at the centre of our ethos as a company, and we know from our own journeys into the creative industries just how much work, pain and sleep-deprivation goes into developing and maintaining successful creative or cultural projects. Here at Graft, we believe that open, honest and unusual collaborations are the way forwardContinue reading “GRAFTERS SPACE: A New Open Network for Creatives and Communities in Leeds”

New Grafter! Meet our latest team member…

We are very excited to announce that we have a new member joining our board as a director of the company for 2020/21. Ellie Harrington is a Leeds-based creative, and one of the artists who helped to design our free activity pack for young people during lockdown. Now they are turning their passion and skillsContinue reading “New Grafter! Meet our latest team member…”

Being Black Allies: How Community Arts Organisations Can Empower Others…

Yesterday, myself and Liam had the amazing opportunity to meet up and network with other creatives from across the city for the first time since lockdown began. With all of us socially distanced at Assembly House, we had an amazing five hour conversation, facilitated by the incredible Marvina Newton, Founder and CEO of Angel ofContinue reading “Being Black Allies: How Community Arts Organisations Can Empower Others…”