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New Grafter! Meet our latest team member…

We are very excited to announce that we have a new member joining our board as a director of the company for 2020/21. Ellie Harrington is a Leeds-based creative, and one of the artists who helped to design our free activity pack for young people during lockdown. Now they are turning their passion and skills towards helping communities around the city and us to grow in our mission of bridging access into arts, culture and heritage.

Ellie Harrington, Graft Collaborative CIC Director 2020/21

“In a time where it feels a little as though the world is falling apart, the building of communities, support networks and the bringing together of people from all walks of life is imperative. I hope that by joining Graft I will be able to use the platform to explore creative-led solutions to the problems surrounding this task, as well as elevating other creatives to help them do the same.”

Ellie will be joining us in expanding our current projects as well as establishing their own, so make sure to get in touch if you have a collaboration in mind. We welcome Ellie to the team and hope it is the beginning of a fantastic future!

If you’re interested in joining us as a member or interested in becoming a board director, get in touch with us and we will send you all the information you’ll need to know and how we can help you create successful community centred arts projects!


Published by graftcollaborativecic

Graft Collaborative is a non-profit Community Interest Company established to support emerging creative practitioners from a range of artistic and performative disciplines through the development of engaging projects involving Leeds-based communities to highlight and engage residents with important social issues. This will be achieved by creating and developing opportunities for communities to engage and participate in artistic projects from emerging artistic and performative practitioners.

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